Everybody is unique

So is the requirements

Cut Fruits for Office Desk

Falhari is a specialized provider for subscription of freshly cut fruits to working professionals. Now, you don’t have to feel guilty for missing the market again.

Maternity Nutrition

Take care of the enhanced nutrition requirement in pregnancy and post-pregnancy period with Falhari Maternity Nutrition Plan

Family & Party Packs

Happy families choose Falhari recipes over sugary and junk food in parties. Make Falhari whole fruit assortment, a part of your dining table.

Nutrition for Kids

Gone are the days of junk food and artificial flavors. Provide your kids with the nutrition that they deserve for fast-paced learning and growth.

Corporate & Group Plans

Management now knows the recipe for better performance in teams. Falhari Group Plans add more joy and health to the office environment.

Chronic Wellness

With a growing awareness of how food is the ultimate medicine, you can chose to reverse the effects of chronic conditions and aging with Falhari Wellness Plan.