Pomegranate Punch


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Pomegranate Punchone fruit salad falhari - Falhari
Pomegranate Punchone fruit salad falhari - Falhari

Pomegranates are a rich source of folates, dietary fibres, vitamins, nutrients, potassium and also protein. Pomegranates help build RBCs, increase muscle strength and regulate blood flow. It is a good remedy for arthritis. Pomegranates also help cure muscle pain. The sugars provide complex energy that can be processed and broken down by the body over time. Punicalagins, a complex compound present in pomegranates equips it with unlimited anti-oxidizing capabilities. This equips pomegranate to help subside painful sensations caused by injuries. Fancy some fresh pomegranates? Order Falhari's Pomegranate Punch.

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