Pineapple Punch


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Pineapple Punchone fruit salad falhari - Falhari
Pineapple Punchone fruit salad falhari - Falhari

Pineapples are rich in folates and anti-oxidants. They are rich in vitamins A which make it an excellent food to consume for acne-treatment. An enzyme called 'bromelain' is present in pineapples which helps prevent cancer. Pineapples also helps prevent respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis. Presence of dietary fibers helps in weight loss whilst providing maximum energy and minimum calories per gram. The enzyme 'bromelain' is found in excess in Pineapple, along with calcium. These two compounds work together to strengthen bones and reduce joint and muscle pain. Fancy a serving of freshly-cut pineapples? Order Falhari’s Pineapple Punch.

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