People now days work hard and party even harder.

Cities that work diligently during the daytime, and dance in euphoria at night. These cities are the ones that never sleep. These cities have a large population of young working professionals, mostly in their 20’s and 30’s, who are all craving to live their lives to fullest. And with the increasing restless youth, there are many pubs and bars coming up with attractive ambience, loud music, strobe lighting, and of course a sophisticated drinking environment.

Then comes, the artists and middle-aged men and women, among which alcohol consumption percentage is no less than 33%. With the coming up of imported drinks in India, it has become a status symbol for people. Costlier the bottle you drink, wealthier and happier you are. Le Marche, Belvedere, Jack Daniels, Jacobs Creek are some famous brands imported from different parts of the world. This all shows that a world wide web of booze is never ending in these places.

But danger lurks in every dark corner here.

The people here are all obtuse about what these liquids do to their bodies. Alcohol’s impact on your body starts from the moment you take your first sip. It’s not just about your liver but also about other important organs like pancreas, heart, lungs, endocrine glands, intestines and brain. Still, we choose to consume these drinks to either reduce stress or be happy or simply live.

Now there can be two ways of living after reading this article.

Quit drinking and consider it a sin to drink. (Which of course none of us is going to follow.)
Reduce the damages caused by alcohol by each fruit. ( strange isn’t it? But true)
What do alcoholic drinks do to the body?

Alcoholic liquid enters your body through your mouth and reaches stomach through burning oesophagus. In the stomach, this burning liquid takes the form of acetaldehyde, a poisonous acid; this reduces the acid production capacity of the stomach and hence becomes more vulnerable to bacteria and infection. Entering the liver which filters the blood from the digestive tract and removes toxins from the body, the alcohol is mixed in the bloodstream, causing the burning of liver lining and hence liver cancer.

Why fruits (fal)?

Fruits are rich in vitamins and water content which reduces the acidic effect of alcohol to a great extent. The consumption of fruits before and after drinking not only makes your drinking experience memorable but also a healthy one.

Fal before drinking: Drinking on an empty stomach is a big no-no if you are looking to minimize the effects. Empty stomach, alcohol processes faster and affects your entire system very harshly. Eating good, vitamin and water-rich fruits can slow the absorption of alcohol by the body by slowing down the action of alcohol and lessening its effects, as the stomach is already full.
Fal during drinking: Consumption of alcohol straight from the bottle is baleful and should be avoided. Dilute it with some good juices. Dehydration is probably the biggest factor after consuming so much alcohol. Drinking plenty of juices not only helps you eliminate the alcohol from your system faster, but it will keep you hydrated.
Fal after drinking: Vitamin C rich diet helps to regain energy. The fructose found in many types of juices will help replenish sugars in your body depleted in order to process the alcohol you’ve consumed. Drinking orange and lemon juices really help to get over the hangover and revitalize the body.
So lets, all start a new habit and make fal our new drinking companion!