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The first step towards leading a healthy lifestyle is to acknowledge the fact that you’ve not been paying utmost attention to the wellness of your body, mind and soul – up until now. But now, it’s time for change and you need to find a reset button. We at Falhari have put together a list of guidelines for you to follow, to revamp and redesign the schedule, habits and activities of your day-to-day life. We will guide you to achieving a state of ‘tranquility, a state of mind and body where you let go of all meaningless pursuits and ventures and focus on acknowledging the gift of life. Living a healthy lifestyle does not exclusively mean going to the gym, eating nutritious food, or being mentally satisfied and stable. A healthy lifestyle is a combination of all those aspects of life AND more. A healthy lifestyle is not definitive. A person cannot be considered to be living a healthy lifestyle based on individual qualities that they have. For example, a person can be fit physically but may face psychological conflicts all the time. Similarly, a person may be psychologically stable as well as be satisfied with their life but their health may be in jeopardy due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Even a person who fails to exercise regularly and eat healthily can lead a healthy lifestyle. It only requires you to take an initiative to achieve physical fitness to a level that is comfortable for you. It is also essential to build mental health by relieving yourself of unnecessary tension that you may feel due to pressure at work or complexities in your personal life and relationships. A healthy lifestyle is far from an ‘all work no play’ routine where you cannot seem to catch a breath because you’re too tired from working hard at the office and tiring yourself even further by spending extra hours at the gym.

A healthy lifestyle should not be an endless list of nutrition plans, workout schedules, and protein supplements that only help attain a muscular body. Do not assume that being physically fit is the same as living a healthy lifestyle. Body image is a completely different aspect of fitness. Living a healthy lifestyle requires a person to try to improve all aspects of their day-to-day life. A healthy lifestyle is a choice you should make if you seek the utmost peace for the body, mind, and soul. Mental health is a predominant component of a healthy lifestyle; much more important for a person’s well-being than having an acceptable body image. Eating healthy is equally important, but one cannot work through their exhausting weekly schedules and not give in to food cravings. You do not have to stop eating unhealthy foods altogether, but consume such edibles in a regulated manner. And supplementing your unhealthy meals with daily doses of essential nutrients present in fruits can help counteract the harmful effects of high-fat oil, cheese, and spices that we consume along with the fries, hot dogs, and burgers that we seem to enjoy so very much.

The intent of this guide is to talk about how good eating habits, physical fitness, and psychological health are all equally important for the mission that we have set out to achieve. We are still learning about the benefits of achieving complete control over your physical and mental presence. Imagine, having complete peace of mind without resorting to the usual stress-relieving habits that you rely on. To start living a healthy lifestyle, you also have to attain mental peace. In this day and age, many people including the majority of our youth population work for more than 10 hours under immense pressure to support a lifestyle that is barely within their means. 66% of spending in our country’s economy is done by working people from the age group 25-35. The era where consumption was based on economic priorities is gone. Mental peace is far from the horizon, and you can’t seem to break away from your unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, you have no choice but to resort to unregulated eating habits to tackle stress. You’re not alone at all, as there are hundreds of thousands of people who are exactly like you. Slaving away at work for a fair-seeming pay package and not paying attention to the kind of life that you live. Overwhelmed by this stress and pressure, you start to give in to everything that your heart desires, even the things that harm you the most.

It has been observed that under stressful situations, people generally consume more junk food to feel satisfied. Guess what items of food have been rated as having the highest amount of preservatives, gluten concentrates, and unhealthy carbohydrates? Falafels, nachos, pizza, burgers and the list goes on. This list includes almost all the items that you LOVE to order from your takeout menu after a tiring day at work. Calling out these foods as ‘junk’ may seem uncalled for when they taste so delicious, but they have a high amount of gluten, carbs, and artificial salts which can cause serious health problems like diabetes. This does not mean that you have to give up pizzas and nachos and hamburgers. What it simply means is that make sure that these items do not find their way into your meal plan as frequently as you’d like. The junk food cravings that we get are obviously much stronger than the urge to start eating healthy and do yoga every morning. But it is possible to gain control over your mind and body, and start altering your daily habits one by one. The way to do this is to discipline yourself into a diet plan that you are comfortable with. By easing into a nutritious diet plan, you can reduce the number of harmful carbohydrates that you consume with your unhealthy diet.

Now that we have covered how to stay fit physically, let’s talk about mental health. The dissatisfaction and disappointment we humans face today on a daily basis are all evil we have created ourselves. Trying to achieve materialistic goals in life only leads to wanting more. This makes us feel incomplete, no matter how much we achieve in life. The path to feeling complete is to disengage in hosting negative thoughts that anchor you down to pain and misery. This self-harm is induced by having an ego that gets hurt, every opportunity that it gets. These superficial entities that we picture ourselves to be are nothing but a mirage that you create in your head which is far from your actual self. Locate the actual purpose of your being within yourself. Looking for purposes and opportunities all over the world will lead to nothing until and unless you have looked into yourself and learned everything about yourself first. Let go of stereotypical definitions of success, satisfaction, and love. Find success in self-development, look for satisfaction by developing a sense of awareness and calmness, and look for love in the elements of this Earth that the Almighty created for us. Engage your mind in positive activities, like imparting knowledge onto others for their benefit, being grateful for everything that you have, spending time with loved ones, developing a personal skill. Learning how to play an instrument or maybe reading a new book can make you feel positive about yourself.

Having an expensive house, or luxury cars does not ensure mental peace. Mental peace is achieved when the soul is positive due to feeding on positive energy. This positive energy has to be gained by engaging in positive conversation, entertaining healthy thoughts, and investing your time to do something that you love. Teach an uneducated kid how to spell out the alphabet, go mountain climbing, learn how to paint, or just go on an early morning drive. Do the things that make you happy! That will fill you with positive energy that you can impart to others. This is the only way to achieve complete ‘mental sanctuary’. It is a psychological state where you have learned how to completely resist emotional impulses, and you start to gain control over your mind. You must go down the path of Falhari- the path on which you will find sanctuary, for your body, mind, and soul.

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