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Following any kind of strict diet plan can result in health benefits that are achieved in a rather short time. A diet regulates the nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, and calories that you’re supposed to intake with each meal to help you achieve a few health benefits within shorter periods of time; by changing what you eat on a daily basis. If you’re an individual who is just starting to live a healthier lifestyle by consuming better food and changing your eating habits, going on a ‘full fruit diet’ for roughly half a week (3-4 days) can really catalyze the process in helping you do so. This diet detoxifies and cleans your entire digestive tract, whilst providing your circulatory system with enough nutrients to help revitalize your body. This diet can also help you lose a little weight. People who followed this diet plan strictly for roughly 4 days, went through an average weight loss of 0.5-2 kilos depending on the amount of physical activity that they engaged in. Do not expect a massive weight loss, but engaging in this diet prepares your body to start getting rid of toxins more efficiently and helps get you started towards the path of physical fitness through wiser consumption of food and beverages. Remember, it is important to supplement this diet with physical activity to help lose weight. Whatever weight you may lose during the period of this diet, will partially resurface in a short period of time, when you’re back to a normal everyday diet. But it is a good way to initiate making substantial gains when it comes to the physical fitness of your body. And following this diet does not cut you short on water consumption, which allows your body to go through daily physical activity at regular pace. It also makes sure that the weight you lose isn’t just ‘water weight’, but actual harmful fats/carbohydrates that are eradicated from the body.

Being on a fruit diet flushes out all the residual toxins left behind by the hard-to-digest food that masses consume today. This diet isn’t self-sufficient though. You may engage in following this diet to cut down calories, harmful fats, and cholesterol. But be aware that you are on a diet that has high water content and is also high in fibre. The consequences are that, as you will be missing out on your daily essential doses of protein, saturated fats, and carbohydrates. To help you counter these consequences of the diet, we will also be telling you how to supplement the fruit diet with sufficient proteins, amino acids, alternative B-complex vitamins, and other nutrients that fruits do not possess.

Primarily, you’d want to make sure that you are stocked up on fruits! The fruits you will need to store in abundance are bananas, apples, watermelons, papayas, kiwi, grapes, lemon, pineapples, oranges, cantaloupes, custard apples (sitaphal), mangoes, and a few cranberries. Also keep a sizeable stock of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and raisins. Now that we’re good to go, let’s talk about the kind of meals and supplements that you should consume during the period of this diet. Throughout the duration of this diet (3 or 4 days), you should consume at least As soon as you wake up from bed in the morning, you would want to have a glass of what we like to call honey-lemon water. It can be made very easily at home with 2-3 common household ingredients. Put a teaspoon of honey into a glass, and squeeze two whole lemons into it. Add a cup of boiling water to the glass and stir the mix. Drink this healthy tonic to supplement sugar and natural acids needed to counteract the absence of acids and unsaturated sugars in fruits. You can also have a teaspoon of ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ to provide acids for the balance of digestion due to the fiber-rich foods that you consume throughout the day. It is essential to have two to three whole kiwi fruits throughout the day during this diet. It keeps you energized with a high concentrate of unsaturated sugar and complex carbohydrates. It is also rich in vitamin A which enhances your immune system to deal with the lack of other nutrients that a fruit diet cannot provide individually.

For breakfast, you would want a meal that fills your stomach and provides you with sufficient energy to function properly till lunch! The best thing about fruits, in general, is that they are high in fiber. This allows them to be weight-loss friendly. A sizeable portion of fruits will allow you to tackle hunger efficiently, providing the least number of calories with the maximum number of nutrients. The fruits you could eat for a full stomach in the morning are two mangoes, half a watermelon, a few grapes and cranberries, one custard apple. The first meal of the day should consist of a medium concentrate protein shake, to supplement the lack of protein in fruits. The lack of calcium can be made up by mixing your protein shake with half a glass of milk and consuming it after breakfast. Now that you finally have a full stomach, you can head to work.

You’re approaching the middle of your day and you start to feel hungry again around 3 pm. But in case that your body is processing breakfast slower than anticipated, you should eat a little while later at around 4:30. For lunch, you would like to be prepared beforehand, because you have got to prepare some of the items yourself, including a banana milkshake and a fruit salad with cream. Two oranges can provide sufficient vitamin C and unsaturated salts to deal with the afternoon heat of the summers. Adding on, have a whole pineapple to get your dose of antioxidants that help aid an upset stomach and an unclear digestive tract. The ending of your lunch would include a dessert made out of fruits. This is where you can get creative. Add a few papayas, mangoes, watermelons, grapes, cranberries, and any fruit that you bought along with your supplies in different combinations all three days. And top it off with fresh cream to make this serving a little more hunger-satisfying and heavy. Fresh cream would suffice for the lack of phosphorus content along with providing a few unsaturated fats that would help balance the lack of fat intake during the period of this fruit diet. It is also important to consume the required daily dose of calcium with at least two of the three meals in the day. It helps maintain the structure, strength, and movability of bones and joints in your body. Prepare a banana milkshake using two whole bananas and 1¾ glasses of milk. Blend the mixture for a minute or two till the texture is consistent. Consume this milkshake after your lunch. This will provide sufficient calcium for the rest of the day whilst you get the potassium you need from the bananas, which help improve the health of your hair and skin. You could repeat this milkshake in the evening if you start to feel hungry again. Try to curate a milkshake with different fruits like mangoes or papayas.

For your evening snack, you can have a medium-sized serving of combined dry fruits. Throw in a bunch of cashews, Brazilian nuts, almonds, and raisins along with a few mangoes or oranges to create a snack that would satiate your hunger until it is time for dinner. Now that you’re slowly approaching the end of the day, you start to feel hungry again around 10 pm. Time for the last meal of your day. Curate a medium-sized platter of fruit salad that you can make out of oranges, papayas, watermelons, honeydew melon, and cranberries. You can have low-calorie chocolate with your dinner to help balance sugar levels in your blood. This meal ensures a full stomach so that you can function an additional few hours to finish up work or engage in recreation; like watching a movie before bed or watching the news for half an hour.

Continuing on this diet for three days clears your digestive tract, helps regulate acids and enzymes present in your stomach, enhances the functioning of the pancreas, and regulates the flow of biliary fluids in your body. Be sure to seek proper medical consultation before going on any strict diet plan to determine your body’s compatibility with a diet such as this. Following this diet plan may result in irregular bowel movements for the time duration. This happens due to the high amount of water present in fruits and also because fruits are rich in fiber. It is not recommended to be on a full-fruit diet for more than three to four days as the human body needs its sufficient portion of proteins, amino acids, calcium, complex fats, and carbohydrates which can only be obtained through the consumption of pulses, vegetables, meats, eggs, and other regular food items. However, engage in this diet with proper consultation to feel the benefits that come from flushing your system with the help of nutrients that fruits provide. Many of us who actually engaged in using this diet plan for three days felt the difference. We were overwhelmed by the changes that we felt; increased stamina, drive, mental presence, energy, and a feeling of physical well-being being a few of them. Maybe a fruity diet isn’t a bad idea at all!

Other perks include you motivating your family members and flatmates to get on a fruit diet for three days, or even encourage them to increase the consumption of fruits in day-to-day life. Need a bulk of fruit supplies packed into a crate and delivered to your doorstep? We at Falhari have brought to you a solution to avoid going to the fruit market every two days to get fruit supplies. You can now personalize your own crate of fruits for you AND your entire household. The fruit box weighs up to 5 kilograms and brings to your doorstep a personalized curation of fruits from a wide collection that includes almost all common and premium fruits that you can think of! So, what are you waiting for?

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