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An average person consumes excess doses of at least 4 of these 6 toxins in their daily life every day. This is because most of the food products and edibles available in the market today have excess preservatives. Those toxins are:

Fast Food – Nachos and hot dogs might be your comfort foods; but do you know what regular consumption of fast food does to your system? Fast foods are high in gluten, carbohydrates, and concentrated fats. These artificial snack items have at least 1 gram of sodium and 300 calories in a 100gm serving. Switching to fruits and vegetables can reduce calorie intake by about 90% for the same serving.

White Bread – The gluten-composed white bread most people consume in our country has a sodium level which is 20% of its composition. It is unhealthy to consume sodium at high levels due to the various imbalances that these salts cause to our digestive system. It also has a lot of carbs and can upset blood sugar and sodium levels. Switching to whole-grain bread is better if bread is something you prefer to consume regularly as a staple.

Caffeine – Caffeine is the bane of modern times. People depend on caffeine for stress relief, but all it does is causes hormone imbalances in your body that affect your mental and physical health. The caffeine in carbonated drinks is even more harmful as it is a mixed compound between carbonated water (soda) and sugar.

Tobacco – People depend on chewing or smoking tobacco to relieve stress and tension; whereas tobacco can cause at least 40 respiratory diseases along with throat cancer. Chewing tobacco causes cuts and scrapes inside the throat and the mouth. More than 3 million people in our country have been victims of mouth cancer due to chewing tobacco.

Sugar – Sugar is an artificial sweetening agent and it is overused in modern times. The amount of sugar in a 100gm ice-cream bowl is a little excess of 20gms; aside from the 10gms of pure fat present in it. Other sweetening agents should be used if you like more sugar in your meals, supplements, or protein shakes. Sugar on consumption quickly decomposes into glucose which is immediately absorbed by our bloodstream. This can cause harmful ionic imbalances in the bloodstream.

Looking at our modern food consumption patterns, it is essential to integrate fibrous foods into our diets to reduce the amount of waste our bodies have to process. However, in today’s day and age, it is not possible to avoid fast food and sugar-rich foods. People do not have time to make alterations to their diets because they are simply too engaged with their daily work and personal life. People simply do not prioritize the nutrition aspect of food anymore, because fast food is delivered to your doorstep and it tastes delicious, and has several artificial preservatives. Hence with modern times, came about the stress, demotivation, and omnipresent fatigue that our youth faces today. And all this mental and physical imbalance is a lot due to the food that we eat-or we don’t. It is essential to engage in a diet that expels all these toxins from your body and re-energizes your immune system to keep fighting those toxins!

Fruits are natural sources of complex sugars, nutrients, vitamins, folates, and water as well. Eating fruits can re-energize you instantly and the reason is that fruits are high in fiber. They provide maximum nutrients against minimum calories. 100gms of fruit will contain only about 30 calories while ensuring you get a dosage of nutrients, folates, and water. Comparing it to a 100gm serving of those delicious nachos you can’t seem to keep your hands off; it intoxicates your body with unwanted salts like sodium and potassium besides providing you with 300+ calories.

We at Falhari are aware of your nutrition needs, and we are constantly permuting and combining different fruits to create delicious fruit boxes and fruit platters. The different combinations of the platters we serve every day are a force to be reckoned with. A daily supplement of assorted fruits in such combinations offers enough nutrients to eradicate the toxins that enter your body on a daily basis. The fruit platter offers a collection of folates, minerals, natural salts, and sugars that hydrate your body and re-energize you immediately. They also counteract the effects of the stress and pressure put up by the obstacles of daily life. Following such a diet not only fights toxins present in your body but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and is a stimulant for increased mental and physical stability. For enjoying assorted combinations of freshly cut fruits visit:

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