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Is the word ‘sex’ over-rated? Do we actually know enough to rate it?

With the emergence of fast forward hoggish lifestyle, what is in danger of being forgotten today is the exact nature of an act of love. Confusing love with physical touch and touch with love.

Love the Soul, Body will surrender

Making love is not just about a physical connect instead it is to become a painter and paint the most demiurgic painting on the canvas of your partner’s body and soul. It is like wrapping yourself in the noblest gift paper and surrendering. Keeping in mind the desires, it’s always an untiring action if there are infinite caresses mixed with the perfect ambience, the perfect music, the perfect aura and the perfect food. It keeps before our eyes the wondrous vision of complete satisfaction.

There are numerous things we do to make this love making a success, of which the obvious one is understanding the Kamasutra positions.


Kamasutra is more than just sex and pornography. It states fact like: Sex – in all of its forms – is sacred.

According to the Indian philosophies the “four main goals of life” known as the purusharthas govern our lives. i.e.:

  • Kama: Desire
  • Artha: (Material) prosperity
  • Dharma: Virtuous living
  • Moksha: Liberation.

And this information is in your favourite Kamasutra!

The Kama is the vital goal of enjoyment of appropriate objects by the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling, assisted by the mind together with the soul.

Hence it is not merely about having a good physical contact, but to become skilful, understanding, refined and intelligent.

And to add to it, I drop this question:

Do you know? The food you eat to survive has an integral role in the art of making love much more meaningful.

Well true! You can set the right mood, with the right foods.

And the term for this is: APHRODISIAC

Kamasutra states that there actually exists foods, drink, or other things that stimulate desire. Yes! These foods are an Aphrodisiac.

There are numerous food items which are a must for pleasure, however, fruits and dark chocolates work best in it. With the touch of simplicity and wholesomeness, Fruits For Love bring in the beauty of nature to our intimate days along with the gift of health.  Just like the seeds have grown into the fresh fruity fruits, these fruits cultivate freshness and new zest to our boring lives. Just like the gentle alluring flowers of the fruits, they add a ‘forever blooming’ scent to the relationship.

So here is how they go

The Apple of your eye:  Red apples are the right choice of fruits when it comes to increasing sexual desires. Mother Nature made the shape of apples resembling the shape of the human heart which works as an excellent aphrodisiac.

When in doubt, choose health first: Pomegranate has the color of love. The bright flavor of pomegranate seeds combined with a high antioxidant is another excellent aphrodisiac and a healthy choice of fruit.

Minions too love them: For maximising the pleasure, Bananas act as a catalyst, as they are rich in a certain bromelain enzyme. Being a rich source of potassium and carbohydrates, adding bananas to your fruit salad can make it more advantageous.

Buying happiness is easy: Dark Chocolates and Almonds actually melt hearts and bodies with their arousing odour, increasing libido in women.

Perfect fruitilicious bowl: Papaya’s luscious texture is considered as an effective aphrodisiac for women. The wet black seeds inside them have been compared to another natural aphrodisiac: caviar. With innumerable health benefits, papayas are surely a cardinal part of our love lives. 

Berry-Berry: Juicy Fruits and berries are always happily eaten by everyone.  Strawberries, Blueberries and Cherries are never missed. These fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C which increases the blood flow and hence the desire.

 But how to be “the one” in our own way? How to make the perfect date plan with fruits?

Start with the dream moment…

It’s time to start thinking which combination of fruits will work best for that moment. Fill the lovable atmosphere with the fruitiness of love and affection. Maybe their favourite music or simply a compliment will give you a bonus.

Understanding the natural gift and health-friendly nature of fruits…

It’s a wise decision to choose fruits over artificial chemicals and scents. Fresh fruits give natural attention to health and love in your life and add a mesmerizing feeling which acts as a cherry on top of the delicious cake.

and finally

The OMG! moment…

It’s the time you understand the importance of fruits in your life. A feeling of sharing this piece of information with your near and dear ones and greeting them with health.

There is more goodness of fruits waiting for you in that fruit basket…

Grab it!!

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