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If you are reading this, we assume you have taken out 5 odd minutes from your otherwise busy and fast paced life, where you are struggling every second to achieve something substantial as per a strategy. Aren’t we all chasing something or the other that somehow never gets done- no matter how much ever we think we tried? Even if we get the raise in the salary we were expecting or afford the car we dreamed of or manage to get our kids into a school of our choice- there is always this unfulfilled ONE thing which is still lurking somewhere, waiting to be achieved.

We would like to remind you that this never-ending loop of desires and fulfillment is a trap we humans have ably built around us and it is actually something we can get rid of. Firstly, it will make our life easier. Secondly, it will keep us healthy as there will be less stress and anxiety. To find the answers to your ‘How?’, we at Falhari, dug deep into our culture and tried to look for the most simplest and fool proof way to attain this freedom.

Falhari is your dose of immunity and nutrition that gets delivered to your doorstep as per the requirements of your body. You may ask, how fruits are even related to the above discussion of breaking the shackles of more needs and greater worries to fulfill them. There is a connection and we are happy to explain.

The answer lies in the very logo of our brand which has three elements to it. As you read along you will realise that the path to achieve ultimate peace is hidden within you and the search for solutions outside is futile.                                                

The Man: Do you see a man in a sitting position in the logo above? That Man is ‘you’- the human being, irrespective if you are a man or woman. At the core of Falhari is You! You the customer, you the achiever and you the believer. We are in the service of anyone who wishes to meet the hidden truth inside oneself and is daring enough to accept the challenge of getting out of the circle of doing and expecting results.

The Almighty: The position of the You in our logo is that of a person praying to a higher power. When one is in prayer, one surrenders their fears, desires and worries in front of their God. It is in this state that we believe one achieves salvation. This prayer could be to give us healthy bodies and pure souls.

The Path: The very essence of the path towards salvation has been provided in the scriptures. We are all aware of the philosophy- ‘do your duty and do not think about the outcome’. It is this one teaching which we believe every man should follow to become the true masters of their destiny. Be the Karmayogi and just do your duty, leaving the results to the Almighty described above.

Basically leave the Fal (outcome) on Hari (the Supreme)= Fal+Hari= Falhari

One of the ways to achieve the strength to keep going strong on this path is to keep oneself as close to nature as possible. Hence, why not start with fruits. Fruits or Fal, are the most potent ways to do this. Most fruits are eaten raw and when we apply our special Falhari twist to preparations of fruits, we make them even more palatable.

So all you Karmayogis, giving your best to your professional commitments, just rope in Falhari as your Fruits Partner who will help you keep your body healthy and propel you on the path to achieve peace of mind and tranquility which eventually leads you to the ultimate truth- Your duty is to do and not think about the results 🙂

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