We have gotten used to using stimulants to make ourselves feel better.. A stimulant is a substance that quickly changes a symptom in an unnatural way. We use stimulants like refined sugar, coffee, cigarettes and spices to make us feel good, but they can never solve the core of a problem. Only natural food can promote a healthy and thus happy physiological function.

Going for a detoxification exercise using raw and unprocessed naturally available foods is not a quick-fix but the right way to make one feel good about the body and improve psychological health. Any other way to feel good is phoney and not a long-term solution.

Fruit can be used to help your body detoxify. The best way of doing this is not to eat anything but fruit until noon, as till that time, your body is still busy detoxifying from the night before. If you eat a lot of fruit, your body will detoxify itself, even if you don’t change your use of stimulants!

The strongest detoxifying effect is caused by the acid fruits. Especially (red) grapefruit and lemons are detoxifying. Citrus fruit is all acid fruit but also tomatoes and pineapples are acid fruits.