Falhari Navratri vrat fruit

Vratamrit (400 gm)

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Falhari’s Vratamrit is a specially curated fruit box personalised to fulfil the basic nutrition needs of a person who is fasting. Fasting can be done for various reasons, including following religious beliefs,  attempting to lose weight and cleaning of the digestive tract. Fruits are excellent supplements that do not break any conditions of fasts whilst continuing to provide nutrients that support the functioning of the human body. Vratamrit combines fruits like mangoes, pears, peaches, guavas, kiwi, apples, mangoes, watermelons, honey melons, cantaloupes with dry fruits like cashews, almonds or raisins. This box does not contain any additive salts as we have kept in mind that you’re on a fast. Fast away, but do not faint! Keep your body functioning by giving it nutrition that it requires! Order Falhari’s Vratamrit today.

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