Our grandmothers used to tell us stories about how healthy and hardworking people were of her generation. From waking up early in the morning to sleeping on time at night, from eating a healthy diet to working rigorously throughout the day, they were all happy and healthy in a way that makes me question our generation…

Why we all have become slaves of our own complexities and making it an excuse for an unhealthy lifestyle?

We blame our work for not eating properly. We blame the limited resources we have. We blame the quality of food available. And this blame game goes until it becomes a habit. It’s too easy to adopt bad habits, isn’t it?              

But what about the good habits, that actually need attention? New Year resolutions, how many of you have set out a goal of actually sticking to a new behavior... only to find yourself not doing it at all until February?

All of us.

It’s because we are so indulged in trivial chores that we don’t notice what our bodies are lacking. We can’t hear our body’s craving for vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, etc, because we are continuously gushing it with all the junk in the world. A consumer survey conducted by Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) across seven major cities says that nine out of 10 Indians consume less than adequate proteins daily. Also, more than half of the men (57%) and women (53%) are habituated to drinking carbonated water beverages. India ranks fifth in the world in being home to over 3.7% of the global overweight population. In India’s urban hubs heart-unhealthy people’s population is as high as 72%. All thanks to the bad habits we chose!

The best possible way to banish 90% of these health issues is just by adopting one good habit: eat healthily. Eating a healthful and balanced diet can make the world of difference to how you feel.

Living in a technology-driven world, we have become so lethargic that we look for shortcuts to everything. And hence, we always choose easy to make sandwiches, chips, readymade burgers, pizzas and whatnot overcooking vegetables or eating fruits and juices. We do want to have perfect body, skin, and hair, but we can’t eat healthy regularly. We do have hopes and dreams, but a superhuman dose of willpower and a pinch of hard work is something that is missing.

So how do we work on our desires to make life-changing transformations with the need to build small, sustainable habits?

FACT: On an average, it takes only 66 days before a new habit becomes automatic.  (Not a much time for sure, if you love your body.)

 Eating healthy doesn’t come in a day. I know, those forever cravings for fast food, those catchy advertisements, and banners, that recently opened a restaurant, all will hinder your healthy lifestyle and will make it all look horrible. But that’s when you need to bring your positive thoughts in action. Think about why you are following this healthy lifestyle. Think about how to fit and find your body structure will be from inside-out when this becomes a habit.                        

Focus On Lifestyle, Not Life-Changing. Set a small goal like eating some fruits daily so that your brain can quickly learn and automatically repeat, achieve it and move further. Never stress yourself over big tasks. Drop by drop you will make an ocean.

I think the following quote from WARREN BUFFET, sums this idea up nicely.


Daily habits — tiny routines that are repeatable — are what makes big dreams a reality!

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