Expectations, this twelve letters word is strong enough to make a difference to your life. We, as human beings, expect a lot from our surroundings and from the people we are related to. But, ever thought how our body reacts when we don’t meet up its expectations? It’s quite simple, it stops supporting us and we die. So, it is important to know what our body is expecting from us and how we should stand up to those expectations.

Our body is like our friend, always with us in both ups and downs. Little attention and understanding the needs of the body is all we need to do to sustain this friendship forever. Despite that, there are times we become selfish and just think about our needs and greed. We do certain tasks and activities that make our body hate us. Let’s talk about them:

  1. Smoking: Being suffocated and breathing heavily, body pleads, “Keep this roll of paper and nicotine away from me and stop pushing me in the category of 1 million people that die each year due to tobacco in India.”
  2. Never Sleeping or Oversleeping: Exhausted and drowsy, body sobs and says “Enough for today, please sleep now, I need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep to function best." Or when we sleep too much it wails and says, “Please get up, I am tired of lying in bed for so long. Let’s work.”
  3. Making sun your foe. It was a sunny day and the body was happy. But, we took out our umbrella and looked for shade. Dismayed, body screams and says, “I need that 80% of the natural vitamin D, the sun is giving me. Please don’t take it away because of your self-centred needs.”
  4. Binge-eating of junk food. Feeling dejected and fatigued, the body begs, “Please stop, I can’t take it anymore. I need some time to digest; it’s all burning me inside.” 

To every bad there is good. By taking care of the body we can add more quality life to it. This will help us in having a healthy relationship with our body. Quoting William Shakespeare, “Our bodies are gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”

With all the sheer will, we can make a lovely body and for this, we must never miss these things in our lifestyle: 

  1. Exercise and Fitness. Body is all set with sports shoes ready to increase the heartbeat and with a blithe smile, it says, “It’s time to burn some calories and avert from many chronic diseases. So, let’s sweat it out!”
  2. Water forever. With glowing skin and hair, body proudly says, “My friend gives me 1.5 litres of water daily. And not only this, he gives me a variety of Fruit juices that have about 80-88% water content, making me shine.”
  3. Choose the type of food wisely. There are two types of foods in nature, warming and cooling foods. Cooling food has effects of clearing heat and toxins, cooling and calming the blood. Warming foods raise the energy of organs and warming and improving the circulation and dispelling the cold. For instance, body warns, “Hey! Please don’t eat those mangoes, you are having pimples.” Or “Don’t touch cucumbers, your body temperature is already is very low.”
  4. Fruits are a must. We forget the rainbow god has added to our lives in the form of fruits. Our body gets mesmerized to see those fruits lying in plates and happily says, “You keeping me clean by giving fruits rich in fibre, and I will keep you stronger and healthier.”
  5. Meditation: Body is sitting in a relaxed position filled with all the happiness and positivity. With a calm mind, it says, “Thank you for giving me a daily dose of meditation for 20 minutes.”

 Summing it all in few words by John Rohn,


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