Summers are getting hotter! Bodies are getting drier! A fruitilicious glass of juice is all, one seeks to acquire.

The juice market had charted a high growth trajectory across various developing and developed countries. The statistics show that per capita consumption of fruit juice-based beverage is 45 litres in Germany, 42.5 litres in Switzerland and 39 litres in the US. In India, this value is just 20 ml, which is negligible compared to other countries. No wonder, why India is so vulnerable to chronic diseases. However, with increasing awareness about heart and weight-related issues, the shift from aerated drinks to fruit juices is catching up big time, as the latter is a healthier alternative. Fruit juices not only keep us hydrated throughout the day but also provide a variety of vitamins and minerals.

These juices are slowly becoming an indispensable part of our life. And hence it’s important to know where we are investing our money and how worthy it is for our health.

We have often heard about cold-pressed juices. Juices extracted from the pulp of fruits by compression. The expensive ones! All the fancy packaging and whining healthy advantages making us believe that we are devoting our resources at the right place. Ever thought, what is so special about that small bottle of juice, getting all the branding and marketing and becoming just another health fad? Well, the answer to it is plain. If our pocket is heavy, these appealing juices tend to captivate us, disguised as a healthy choice. Hence, the devil is in the details. Adding preservatives to fruit juices to increase their shelf life and calling them 100% fruit is a canny way of selling. Isn’t it? These juices have patulin in them, indicating that poor quality of fruits has been used to make the juice.

But, is there a better substitute for this?

Are so-called unhygienic fresh juices prepared in those juice bars competitive enough to beat the branded cold-pressed juices? Are the noises of those blenders loud enough to shake the market of these expensive juices? Well, this explanation sounds perversely counterintuitive, but there’s a need to understand the reason for choosing fresh juices over cold-pressed for a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

 Let’s talk about facts which will make you rethink your choices.

  1. 60% Indians still prefer to step out of their homes to drink fruit juice. The blending of easy fruits in front of our eyes gives us assurance that yes, it’s all clean and undiluted.
  2. India is the diabetic capital of the world and it’s the need of the hour to reduce sugar intake among the people. Fresh juices are a pure form of fruit juice having no extra ingredients, hence making it our best health decision.
  3. Not to forget, fresh juices can be bought for a song! When our budget is low and we are still all health conscious, there isn’t a better way out than having a chilled fresh juice from our favourite juice bar.

 Now, the ball is in your court. Frittering away several times more money on a fruit juice, which is something all about wrapping lies isn’t a wise decision to make.

So this summer, Top up your favourite fresh juice with some nuts and cherries and land up in seventh heaven... Because Dil mange more

Happy juicing!

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