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Do you have a nutritionist?

Do you provide vegetable salads?

What fruits do you provide?

Health & Hygiene

How do you maintain the hygiene?

When do you cut the fruits?

How do you tackle the pesticides sprinkled on fruits?


How to order?

I am not able to place an order online, what should I do?

How to cancel your order?

When I can order.

What is the average delivery time?

Is there any other mode for ordering?


How does subscription system work?

What are the time slots that you provide?

Can I skips my box/glass if I am unavailable?

Will I get the same fruits every day?

How to renew the subscription?

If prices of the subscription increased, do I have to pay more when I renew?


What are the payment options available?

What to do if I paid twice or paid wrongly?


Can I get a completely customized box?

Can I track my order?

Will I get my order at desk or reception?


How do I change my password?

Fruitful Points

What are Fruitful Points?

How to earn points?

Is there any maximum number of points i can redeem?

I cannot earn/redeem points?

Where can i check my Points ?