The Idea

The thought behind Falhari is to help people achieve healthy eating habits. We at Falhari – believe that  a healthy individual should consume around 300-400 gm fruits on a daily basis and hence, we have made this our mission to completely fulfill this requirement for all our subscribers. We take care of your personal nutritional requirements and get your subscription designed by our nutritionists. Falhari takes special care of the quality and freshness of all fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies that are served in various combinations.

Aap karm karein, fal ki chinta falhari pe chhodein

The benefits

At Falhari, we intend to promote healthy eating habits with our recommended combinations of fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies that:

  • Strengthen the organs of body with necessary vitamins and minerals
  • Fight ailments and chronic conditions by balancing the toxins
  • Provide an easy to digest option to reverse the ills of sedentary lifestyle

Raw diet has been proved to be the ultimate source of nutrition. With the right combinations to guide you through the journey of getting healthy, it is now easy to carve out the best version of yourself.

Our Offerings


Fruitful Offices

Cut Fruits for Office Desk

Make your office hours productive with a box of fresh fruits at your desk, daily. Teams bond better and stay happier with fruits around.

Fruitful Families

Whole Fruits for Home

Falhari whole fruit boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Now, families enjoy the premium quality of fruits from best of the farms delivered at their doorstep.

Fruitful Parties/Meetings

Healthy Group Snacking

Your next party/meeting may just be incomplete without a healthy snacks break. Now, you can pre-book for attractive offers on Falhari fruitful recipes to set the right tone for your next get together.


Smart Parenting

Nutrition for Kids

While your kids are busy with their learning and growth modules, you may choose to serve them with the right nutrition with Falhari. Schools and parents come onboard with Falhari to build a healthy lifestyle for the generations to come.

Healthy Mother

Maternity Nutrition

Healthy mother gives birth to a healthy child and in turn a healthy society. Falhari takes care of the enhanced nutrition requirements in pregnancy and post-pregnancy period with a customized nutrition plan.

Strength and Immunity

Chronic and Conditional Wellness

With the right blend of fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies you can boost immunity, fight ailments and promote chronic wellness against chronic illness. Latest research on various diseases has provided a deep insight into how lifestyle changes can reverse the effects of conditions on health.

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