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A Healthy Lifestyle Starts Here

Dancing to the tunes of a divine song that Krishna played to Arjun in the Gita, Falhari embodies the most profound philosophy of all time – ‘liberation through Karma’.

Falhari literally means someone who leaves the worry of ‘fal’ (fruits of her action) to ‘hari’ (God).

With a team of best nutritionists, We constantly evolve to bring you the healthies, yet supertasty combination of fruits to boost your immunity and build a healthy lifestyle with ease. 

Imagine a cold bowl of fresh cut fruits for your midnight cravings ! That’s what we do for you… Making it as easy as it gets tfor you to choose your health.

Aap karm karein, Fal ki chinta Falhari pe choddein.

a little about us

We are a fresh fruits and products delivery kitchen-chain in NCR and are aiming for expansion to other cities. We are a team of IIT/IIM and Forbes_under_30 alumni with history of 6 years of successful operations.

Our Mission Pillars

Everything Fruit

We provide fresh and seasonal variety of 25+ fruits and 100+ products ranging from fresh juices, vegan smoothies, health drinks and yogurts. We ensure you have access to juicy delights at your doorstep 24×7

Everything HEalth

Our products, innovations and offerings are geared towards consistent health benefits for our customers. All our recipes are crafted by our in-house experts and partner nutritionists to best meet your health goals. 

Everything Habit

We are determined to enable easy and sustainable habit building for you. We believe habits can be formed and changed systematically. We live, enjoy and build such systems for our community.

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