Falhari a fruitful habit

Falhari is the favorite daily fruits provider for corporate offices, coworking spaces, event organizers, families and educational institutes in Gurugram. Falhari’s unique offering is a ‘Daily Fruits Subscription’, which complements an individual’s staple diet with much-needed nutrition from fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries. While fresh fruits and veggies in a ‘Falhari Fruit Box’ serve you with a wide variety of flavors, dry-fruits, seeds, and berries in a ‘Falhari Power Pack’ supercharge your organs with densely packed micro-nutrients.

‘Aap karm karein, fal ki chinta falhari pe chhodein!’

Fruit Energy Box

Fresh Fusion of Fruits, Veggies, Nuts and Seeds

Nutrition Plans

At Falhari, we believe that health is a habit. Nutrition Plans with Falhari serve this purpose, may it serving your daily fruit intake requirement with a regular subscription or customizing and personalizing the same as per your body type, condition (if any) and health goals.

Juices and Punches

Single fruit punches and juices provide you with a wide variety of options to satiate your fruitful cravings on the go. We all are done with artificial sweeteners and unwanted preservatives and Falhari has cracked the code to serve you fresh with fruits of your choice.

Fruitful Recipes

Falhari fruitful recipes provide you with a healthy getaway from all the junk around, in a tasty and convenient manner. Every recipe served is filled with a wholesome nourishment for you along with an additional dose of vitamin, mineral, protein targeting specific parts of your body.

Everybody is unique

So is the requirements

Cut Fruits for Office Desk

Falhari is a specialized provider for subscription of freshly cut fruits to working professionals. Now, you don’t have to feel guilty for missing the market again.

Maternity Nutrition

Take care of the enhanced nutrition requirement in pregnancy and post-pregnancy period with Falhari Maternity Nutrition Plan

Corporate & Group Plans

Management now knows the recipe for better performance in teams. Falhari Group Plans add more joy and health to the office environment.

Nutrition for Kids

Gone are the days of junk food and artificial flavors. Provide your kids with the nutrition that they deserve for fast-paced learning and growth.

Family & Party Packs

Happy families choose Falhari recipes over sugary and junk food in parties. Make Falhari whole fruit assortment, a part of your dining table.

Chronic Wellness

With a growing awareness of how food is the ultimate medicine, you can chose to reverse the effects of chronic conditions and aging with Falhari Wellness Plan.

lets do it together…

Falhari is a nutrition partner of choice for all things Health Centric. Corporate Offices, Schools, Hospitals, and Gyms partner with Falhari to empower their community with the right habits to combat ailments and excel at tasks in hand. Nutritionists, Wellness Coaches, Yoga Trainers come onboard with Falhari via ‘Customized Nutrition Plans’ and ‘Co-organized Lifestyle Coaching’.

Franchise Inquiry

Setting up a Falhari store is a much rewarding experience, not just in terms of profits that you can make but also in terms of the impact that you can create on the health of your community. Falhari franchise has been worked out for you to run a market verified, low CapEx business model with a quick turn around of initial customers. If you stick to the fundamental values of operating, you can achieve a break-even on your investment in 6-8 months. Falhari provides a strong design, digital marketing and operations technology support to its franchise.

Falhari intends to promote entrepreneurship amongst women. From our experience in this business, we have observed that women have a natural eye for quality and an inclination towards building a healthy community. For this reason, franchise fee for women entrepreneurs is 50% of the actual cost.