Transform Your Daily Snacking Habits

One Fruit Meal at a Time!

Falhari is Delhi-NCR's #1 Kitchen & Delivery Service dedicated to FRESH FRUIT PRODUCTS (without artificial flavours or preservatives). Just drop us a message to order best quality and widest variety of

  • Made to Order Fruit Meals,
  • Fresh Cold-Pressed Juices,
  • Fresh Fruit Lassi/Yoghurt/I-Scream & more.

Now, you can choose to eat tasty and nutritious fresh fruit products in place of unhealthy snacks - anywhere, anytime without worrying about market visit, kitchen preparation and the wastage. Also, Falhari's unique Subscription Service for Daily Fruit Products is the best way to stay on track with your recommended nutrition requirement.

5 years of excellence has established Falhari as the default choice of fruits at corporate offices, co-working spaces, fitness initiatives, social events, families and educational institutes in Gurugram.

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Why Falhari?


Almost all of us consume a staple diet which is

  • definitely Energy rich (with high Carbs and Fats), and
  • in some cases Protein rich (if you especially include cereals, egg, etc.).

While, very few of us get enough of Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants, Good Fats etc. due to a lack of raw, uncooked, plant-based food in our diet. Due to this, a lot of us are facing what WHO calls out as 'Hidden Hunger' (2 Bn people around the globe are estimated to be suffering!). To add to this, many companies have been promoting their unbalanced food products with false advertising for decades - leaving us all utterly confused at the supermarket or neighbourhood store.


A typical 'Falhari Meal' with seasonal and exotic fresh fruits, dry fruits and seeds - completes 40%-60% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants, and Good Fats. But, at the same time you end up consuming less than 10% of Carbs and Fats required for the day. So, you are still left with a lot of hunger bandwidth for your cooking and junking experiments, without worrying about majority of the essential nutrition.

So, you just need 2 fresh fruit meals in a day, to completely fill the whitespace in current nutrition profile of your food.

In case you are still wondering about where to get the Protein, here is the reality - our body needs a total of 200 g of Protein over a day (unless you are heavily working out), out of which 170 g Protein gets recycled inside the body. Rest 30 g Protein can be easily collected from a routine plant-based diet. Also, Plant Protein is always better than Animal Protein as it gets easily digested.

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